About Us

Natural Florida Company was founded out of a passion for natural products and wellness. Located in Fort Myers, Florida, we offer high quality healthy products from the best sources in the world focusing on vitamins, moringa, turmeric and maca.


After launching our own brand of supplements, we set ourselves the goal of expanding. In 2020 we invested in advanced machinery to offer branding, custom production and packaging services to new and existing brands. We offer the best quality products and most competitive prices on the market.


Our passion for excellence led us to materialize this mission, this being the fundamental part that has driven us to move forward.


Our Quality Guarantee


It is always the result of expertise, high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution. No detail of our work for you goes unattended. From our recognition of and adherence to your quality requirements, to our data integrity assurance, graphic design capabilities, dimensional tolerancing, material & process tracing, and inspection & validation reporting, Express will produce to your exact specifications and deliver the highest quality products — Guaranteed.


Our standards for quality meet the rigorous requirements of some of the most demanding aerospace, defense, and medical device manufacturers. Let us provide this level of quality assurance to your identification product procurement.

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