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If you want to start selling a recent product with no prior experience, private labeling is a great way to start. 

We know the business and mandatory industry guidelines to include properly in every supplements labels.  We are experienced with creating designs that leave a lasting impression by taking care of the visual, certifications and nutritional facts information.

We work with experienced graphic designers on the industry that will work with you to design custom labels around your brand. We count with on-site printers that can facilitate the fulfillment of your custom labels.

If you already have a designed label, we can take your pre-designed artwork or your pre-printed labels and integrate them seamlessly into our production line. This gives all our customers the maximum amount flexibility while eliminating extra and unneeded steps.




The key to long-term business success is building a loyal customer base. Branding through private labeling is a great way to build loyalty from customers who like your products. With limited accessibility, customers become attached to your brand, allowing them to feel as though they are among a select few that own it, which ultimately increases loyalty and sales among your customer base.



We can design your nutraceutical product label. We are masters when it comes to this as we turnaround dozens of labels each month. Safe to say by designing your supplement label with us you are using the best of the best for the job.


On top of designing your label we also have printers to make your label into a reality. By offering manufacturing, label design and printing we can take care of all the work to create a nutraceutical product for your brand.  Making us truly turn-key.

Compliance Check

The FDA takes supplement very seriously. If you have text on your label that is not FDA compliant you may need to re-label your entire inventory. We can check to make sure all of your labels & media are truly FDA compliant. 

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