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COVID-19 didn’t affect all retail sectors equally. Some sectors experienced spikes in interest and sales while other sectors plummeted. Superfood was one of the retail categories that boomed, and consumer interest has remained high through August.

Superfood is a growing product category that’s estimated to reach $5.61 billion by 2024. Typically, consumer interest in superfood spikes online around New Year’s holiday—when consumers are focused on being proactive with their health—and then tapers off around March.

This year’s trends look very different. Instead of consumer interest declining in March, superfood saw a second spike because of the COVID-19 outbreak. That interest has steadily increased and reached its highest point in August.

According to Google Trends data, superfood (60,000 monthly search volume), best superfoods (12,000 monthly search volume) and superfoods powder (1,000 monthly search volume) were some of the top keywords for this topic.

What customers look for in a superfood product?

An energy boost.

A good taste, or a taste that they can get used to.

Improved digestion.

A general feeling of being healthier.

Improved hair, skin and nail health.

A quick and easy way to get greens/vegetables.

Pain relief.

A product that mixes easily into water/juice/smoothies

What callouts matter most to them?

Allergen and gluten free.



The types of sweeteners used.

Caffeine content.

Country of origin.

To appeal to superfood shoppers on Amazon, brands need to take these things that matter and work them into their product and presentation.

Source: https://www.newhope.com/

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